The Almussafes factory will manufacture the new Ford electric cars and ensure their survival.

The wait is over. After months of tense unrest, Ford eventually chose Almussafes’ Valencia factory to build its two new electric vehicles, According to the Prensa Ibérica newspaper Levante-EMV of the same group, this newspaper from government sources. Assumes opinion Guaranteeing the viability of the Valencia plant for the next ten years and leaving the German factory in Saarlouis in a possible dismantling scenario from 2025. A meeting of the multinational company with the media is scheduled at 12:00, and a press conference is scheduled by Generalitat President Ximo Puig an hour later.

Hours after the final decision, and despite understandable anticipation, the atmosphere at the Valencia plant was “positive” and “hopeful” about the meaning of an opinion that finally came to fruition, according to sources cited by several factory unions to this newspaper. conclusion. “There is a lot of expectation and confidence that the employment contract signed in Cologne in January will bear fruit,” they said hours before hearing the news from UGT-Ford.. Not in vain, they added, “no agreement was not an option, it directly eliminated us.”

In the said agreement, the oval multinational company preferred at the end, Labor flexibility was adopted in order to be able to move production days and return to the CPI in 2026, along with unconsolidated linear increases in the salary tables of the workforce between 2022 and 2025. More event frameworks like those offered by Almussafes. All of these would be pillars in the choice of Almussafes over the terms – which have not been made public to date – offered by the German factory.

until decision With 6,000 employees, to which tens of thousands more are added indirectly thanks to the economy created around it, Almussafes has secured the manufacture of the Kuga in 2025 alone., yes, it accounted for almost 60% of factory-assembled vehicles from the beginning of the year to May. In this sense, having only one model has shown that two new electric vehicles, which are not yet known, have to come to guarantee the vitality of the plant, a fact that will eventually come true. will be given

A “resize” scenario

Despite the positive decision, Now the scenario unfolding for the coming months faces a new challenge. Stuart Rowley, Ford’s director in Europe said this a few months ago: Affiliation with one plant or another does not prevent the winning plant from “resizing” the existing structure, in this case Almussafes. It is not yet clear when these negotiations will take place and what impact they will have on the staff.

at 12:15 There’s a meeting with the workers at Almussafes It was collected by the local management of the factory under the title of “Related information from Ford Spain”. In parallel, At the Saarlouis plant, employees will also be informed about their future after 2025, after they are not selected.

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