Russia threatens Lithuania with retaliation for blocking Kaliningrad

There was a new period of tension between Russia and the European Union, this time due to the province of Russia. Kaliningrad. this territory of Russiabut is among Lithuania Y Polandboth EU members and NATO – trade block Under the sanctions imposed on Moscow due to the occupation of Ukraine, the products are inaccessible, as they cannot pass through the territory of Lithuania. this Russian anger It was strong enough to threaten the Baltic country. “serious consequences”.

Kaliningrad It is a Russian enclave that is separated from the rest of the country and borders the two EU and NATO countries. The Prussian city known as Königsberg was conquered when the Soviet Union defeated Nazi Germany in 1945. Kaliningrad was one of the main foundations soviet navy of the Baltic SeaWith Riga and island of kronstadt. after termination Soviet Union and lithuania independence inside 1991was under the zone russian domination Y separated from the rest of Russia.

As a result of the sanctions against Russia, Lithuania imposes restrictions transportation of certain products russian region. especially, Kaliningrad Governor Anton Alikhanovestimates that between 40% and 50% of the residential area’s imports may be subject to restrictions, from coal to metals, building materials and technological goods. The transit of passengers and goods not subject to EU sanctions is not affected.

“Serious negative consequences”

this Kremlin spokesman Dmitari PeskovHe called Lithuania’s decision on Monday “illegal” because, according to Moscow, it violates bothl Cooperation and Cooperation Agreement as from 1994 joint declaration on the year 2002 transport come in Kaliningrad and the rest of their land Russian Federation. Moscow denounced the application of “hostile restrictions” and considered Lithuania’s decision to be without precedent.

“Russia will certainly react to these hostile acts. Appropriate measures are being worked out at the inter-ministerial level and will be adopted shortly,” Russian Security Council secretary Nikolai Patrushev said during his visit to Kaliningrad. said. “They will have them serious negative consequences For the Lithuanian population,” he added. In parallel, Russia Called for consultations on Tuesday Markus Ederer, EU Ambassador to Moscowthen to demand the “immediate” restoration of the transit of goods suspended since Saturday.

Russian Security Council spokesman Evgueni Anoshin Patrushev has already talked to Kaliningrad officials about “problems of accessibility of transport” to this region.

He also discussed the phone guarantee, as well as measures to “guarantee the uninterrupted operation of the Kaliningrad energy system and problems with the maintenance of the submarine fiber optic line connecting this region” with other regions of the country. services mobile and access to Russian radio.

The European Commission (EC) defended Lithuania’s decision to partially block the transport of Russian goods passing through its territory. “Lithuania is basically doing what it’s supposed to do under the sanctions regime,” said a chief spokesperson for Community Manager Eric Mamer. “You must remember that the sanctions involve the transit of goods through EU countries,” said Daniel Ferrie, another Commission spokesperson. a position supported by Lithuanian Foreign Minister Gabrielius Landsbergisarguing that “this is not a Lithuanian decision, but only the implementation of what has been accepted by the EU”.

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