Elche and Elda mayors request more support for the modernization and internationalization of footwear

The mayors of Elche and Elda, Carlos González and Rubén Alfaro, respectively, made the request. more support from Administrations for shoeson issues such as modernization and industrialization. It was an appointment that took place in Elda during the last session of the Valencian Courts special commission to review the business model of the industry, where the first mayor of Elche had the opportunity to return. table, which is one of the demands of businessmen Launch of an international fair at the Alicante Trade Fair Authority (IFA).

Both mayors emphasized the importance of the sector in terms of industrial development and employment creation in their municipalities and argued that many years had passed. ceased to be the epicenter of the shadow economy to walk decisively to the forefront and innovation.

Likewise, they agreed on the key challenges of footwear going through the transition process called Industry 4.0, strengthening internationalisation, growth in the size of companies, adequate education and social and working conditions to successfully face generations. employee change and a relocation strategy.

They sought further support from Administrations such as the Generalitat to achieve these goals, particularly internationalization and workload. They also underlined the role that funds from the European Union can play in this regard.

The mayor of Elche once again called for the creation of an international shoe fair at IFA and at the same time National Footwear Reference Center.

This is the last session of this commission, which must present a proposal for a strategic plan that will henceforth serve to redefine the business model of this industry.

Source: Informacion


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