When good weather arrives, going to the beach or country to spend the day is the option most of us prefer to spend a summer day. You can have some sandwiches or a tupperware, or you can be more original and make your own. Barbecue (as the site allows).


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How? It’s simple, you can have one portable barbecue. You will have all the advantages of grilled food wherever you go and you will be able to prepare very delicious meals very easily. It can also be very useful if you are a camping and/or caravan lover. You don’t need to look for a grill, it’s already standard.

That’s why the portable charcoal barbecue excels, because its versatility makes it indispensable on any trip. In addition, it takes up very little space and is easy to transport, thanks to its foldability. this Kaseberga It is a limited edition.

You can grill small foods such as fish or laminated vegetables with it, because the grill shape prevents them from falling into the fire. Its holes allow air to circulate through the grill so you can cook faster.

This portable grill is made of black stainless steel and includes a bamboo cutting board so you can support your food while it cooks. The diameter of the cooking zone is 24 centimeters and the cost 49 euros.

Ikea barbecues | A portable and conventional model of the Swedish brand IKEA SPAIN

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If you’re looking for a slightly larger portable barbecue, you can also corps, 28 centimeters in diameter. This model also includes folding legs for added stability. Reviews of the Ikea website differ from it as it is very manageable and easy to carry. It is also ideal for preparing meals for up to four people. its price 35 euros.

Finally, you can also get a more “traditional” charcoal. this grill has a price 399 € and especially suitable for outdoor use. It is made of carbon and made of black stainless steel.

It has a lid, integrated thermometer and shelves for placing accessories or cookware. Since it has shelves, sinks or cabinet furniture that are fully compatible with the Grillskar series, you can create the barbecue with as much furniture as you want. If you want to buy the complete set, you can also buy a cleaning brush, a brush or different cooking utensils.