“La Caixa” Foundation raises its social action budget to 33 million

Ximo Puig, president of the Generalitat Valenciana, and Isidro Fainé, president of the ”la Caixa” Foundation, signed a framework agreement in Valencia that includes cooperation between both institutions on issues. social, educational and cultural. This collaboration is made possible by the “la Caixa” Foundation. social action in the community 33 million euro in 2022compared to 32.5 million the previous year.

As Isidro Fainé explains: «After a long history in the Valencian Community, the year 2022 will be a turning point in the presence of the Foundation “la Caixa” in this beloved land. inauguration new CaixaForum It will allow us to be closer to Valencians and improve our cultural offer in the city. All this without neglecting our highest priority action in the social, scientific and educational sphere.

Among the main objectives stated in the agreement, cooperation for the improvement of the living conditions of the countries, most vulnerable childhoodpromotion of active aging old humans and comprehensive care for patients with advanced diseases, as well as disabled people or in risk of exclusion.

In addition to these actions, the agreement also provides for: actions in the fields of education, culture and research and knowledge.

Some of the priority projects that demonstrate the organization’s commitment to needs are:

  • Caixa ProinfanciaOne of the organisation’s strategic programmes, developed in the Community of Valencia, for the following purposes: fight child poverty. This initiative is aimed at children and adolescents aged 0 to 18 years from at-risk or marginalized homes. Specifically, CaixaProinfancia served 3,137 minors Y 1,993 families In 2021 thanks to Valencia investment €3.8 million.
  • program includes It aims to encourage the recruitment of groups in sensitive situations. During the year 2021, marked by the epidemic, the total 2,751 jobs in the Community of Valencia through cooperation 834 companies of the region.

  • program for Comprehensive Care for People with Advanced Diseases seeks to improve the quality of care for people in the last stage of life and their families. In the Community of Valencia, this program 1.155 patients and 1,342 relatives throughout 2021.

  • program Old humans Its mission is to promote the social inclusion of members of this group, solicit their experience and place them as active heroes of our society. Older people have the opportunity to receive training in the cultural, social and new technology projects they are involved in. 37 centers for the elderly were agreed between both institutions.

  • this Assistance Program for Social Enterprise Projects In 2021, it invested a total of 1.16 million euros in 54 projects of Valencian enterprises. This year they will be allocated 3 million Almost three times more than in 2021 thanks to the new regional approach to this program in the Valencian Community.

this social and labor placement persons deprived of their liberty through the program re-includegranting scholarships, social calls and support for biomedical research projects These are other important goals to which the “la Caixa” Foundation dedicates its efforts in the community.

Also, in collaboration with the institution financial network The Foundation, which is a part of CaixaBank, encourages the development of projects and activities in the social, environmental, cultural and educational fields by providing financial assistance to projects in its immediate vicinity. During 2021, they 600 Activities carried out thanks to the branch network, with more than 3.7 million from the euro.

In addition to social enterprises, biomedical research excellence. The goal is to combat the most common diseases.

More than 52,000 visitors to exhibitions in the Valencian Community

in the field spread of cultureThe Foundation “la Caixa” encourages people to grow through knowledge through the exhibitions it programs in the Community of Valencia. During 2021, the total in these samples 52,318 visitors. Prominent among them is S.symphonyin Alicante; The show begins. Georges Méliès and the cinema of 1900in Elche and Picasso Guernica’s journeyin Benidorm.

In addition, the business encourages: convergence of the humanities, performing arts and music through concerts and school performing arts events.

The EduCaixa program, which covers the entire educational offer of the “la Caixa” Foundation, will also continue to be developed. in 2021 they 266 schools Valencia, total 75,517 schoolchildrenparticipating in the resources and activities of this project.

Opening of CaixaForum Valencia

this The new cultural center of the ”la Caixa” Foundation It will open its doors on June 22, following the opening that will take place tomorrow in the capital of Turia. CaixaForum Valencia, cultural and scientific disseminationaims to be a reference facility in the city.

Final destination bring culture closer to all audiences. At the centre, exhibits of ancient, modern and contemporary art, as well as science and social themes, among other proposals; concerts and poetic recitals; media art; discussions on important current issues; social, scientific and environmental conferences; education and family workshops and activities for older groups.

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