Carmen Machi stars as ‘priestess of education’ in new comedy ‘Full of Grace’

East Friday, June 24 hits the theaters ‘In the Sublime’new comedy lead role carmen machi. The movie he directed Roberto Bueso (‘Group’) is inspired by true story of former football player real Madrid Valdo and his sister Marinabrought to life by Machi himself.

as a nun will be a key figure for the substitute teacher and a group of orphaned children From a boarding school that spends the summer with no family members taking them on vacation.

“He decides to work a little harder so these kids have more fun, more work and activities to do. He believes in that. You can start promoting it through sports, in this case football.“, Machi tells in an interview with Europa Press that she remembers the moment when her sister Marina was already legendary. “coaching nun”.

“She’s really a nun from the 1990s promoted the career of another real character, football player Valdowho won the premier league and even dedicated a goal to his sister Marina”, underlines Machi.

Film tells the story of Marina, a very unusual nun.A school that came to El Parral in the summer of 1994 is in danger of closing. Despite the fact that her familyless trainees greet her with thousands of jokes, Marina He has an idea that will change everything: start a football team.

With the help of two nuns: Innocent and fragile Angelines and wild and kind Tatiana will create something like a real family. Years later, Valdo, one of the boys played by Dairon Tallón, will make his Real Madrid first team debut and triumph as a professional player in the major leagues.

Together with Machi, they complete the cast of the movie. Paula Usero (‘Rose’s Wedding’, ‘Luimelia’), Paul Chiapella (‘coming’), Nuria Gonzalez (’30 coins’), Anise Doroftei (‘God Give Me Patience’) and Manolo Solo (‘Good boss’).

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