Neighbors of the macho homicidal earl Serrano denounced that he used firearms inside the building.

  • FGDC was shooting with a shotgun in the inner courtyard of the building where he killed his wife and this friend.

  • Bearing the titles of marquis and earl, the murderer also displayed pistols, shotguns, bows and arrows in front of his neighbors.

  • He was arrested in 2018, accused of mistreating his partner, and in 2009, his mother and sister accused him of the same.

FGDC, the alleged sexist killer on Calle Serrano in Madrid, who killed his wife and a friend on Monday morning. a carry on his back good handful of complaints. With abuse, his own wife and other women in the family. and some of neighbors: he used to scare and scare them with firearms. He warned, shouted, pointed… the inhabitants of the area knew him well, and for many he had been the target of a threat, more or less, even if it was veiled.

The alleged murderer was reported in 2009 for abusing women. Especially his mother and sister. A judge later gave him a restraining order. He was arrested for mistreating his wife in 2018. Her partner eventually withdrew her complaint and they lived together again. Now, the woman had no protection at all when she was murdered by her supposed re-living husband.

It was a resident of the 205th block of said street who alerted Police on Monday morning that he had heard several gunshots in his building on the first floor. According to the line of inquiry run by police agents, the alleged murderer may have used a shotgun. He broke up with his 44-year-old wife and a 70-year-old acquaintance. He would later kill himself with the same weapon.

Applications in the courtyard of the building

On his blog, the alleged murderer was known before the heinous sexist crime for his violent character. “He would start aiming with a pellet shotgun in the inner courtyard”, EL PERIÓDICO DE ESPAÑA was summed up by one of the residents, who also noted that they had to call the police at some point to report such behavior.

FGDC lived at 1ºC and from there, from the light-filled porch, shouted to any neighbors who dared to get his attention. Usually in the form of threats. According to the statements of the residents of the block, “I will shoot you” was the most repeated.

“We all knew who that man was. He’s a character who threatens people at the slightest opportunity. I once ran into him on the same street (Serrano). He was walking his White Yorkshire dog and I was walking mine, a Labrador. My dog ​​made a move to approach hers, who started barking. . Then he started shouting at me and said he would shoot me if the dog came near me,” another neighbor said in surprise. He learns the identity of the murderer. “I met him yesterday at the neighborhood gas station and he didn’t even know me,” this source concludes.

Bows and arrows

It wasn’t just firearms he displayed to intimidate. At least two out of a group of people who walked through the door of 205 Serrano during the event confirmed this at one time or another. “He had threatened the neighbors by showing a bow and some arrows.” Also, the FGDC was a hunter and had a firearms license.

FGDC is given to creating conflicts in its community. There are several neighbors who remember that “During the pandemic, Franco held up a Spanish flag with his eagle and shouted ‘Long live Franco'”. Someone even claims it. “He tried to force others to sing at some neighborhood gatherings. against the sun. He was angry because he was ignored,” they made a statement to this newspaper at the door of the building.

“Prepotent,” “histrionic,” or “provocative” are adjectives most often repeated among those in the neighborhood who clash with it. He was also proud of his ancestry. Because the FGDC has officially been a ‘The Greatness of Spain’ since 2012. This was the year he inherited, after the death of his parents, the titles of Marquis of Perijá and Count of Atarés. An appointment published in the BOE, as in these cases.

TV sets

Having been affected by the collapse of a financial product he had contracted with the Private Bank of Andorra, he also became a regular on television talk shows for a while. and other assets of the now defunct Banco de Madrid. FGDC has been a kind spokesperson for those affected who went to their television sets to explain the issue. In front of the cameras, he tried to convey the image of a calm person.

However, the FGDC maintained its disrespectful attitude towards almost everyone it encountered. Except for the bartenders at the bar under his house, which he frequents almost every day. “He treated us very well. He always looked sad and did strange things. With customers, yes, he has had multiple addicts, but not with us. He was a strange man who liked to act. He was always very well dressed and had a Mercedes and a Ducati motorcycle,” they say at the establishment.

Phone against gender violence

Victims of gender violence and those around them can seek help from different active sources 24 hours a day, any day of the week: phone 016Email and his channel What’s up? at number 600,000,016.

In an emergency you can call 112 or to the emergency telephone numbers of the National Police. (091) and the Civil Guard (062) and if it is not possible to make a call, there is also an option to activate the application in case of danger. WARNING COPIESSends a warning signal to the police with geolocation.

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