Preparations for the holiday “Scarlet Sails-2022” are being completed in St. Petersburg

In St. Petersburg, final preparations are being made for the holiday of graduates of “Scarlet Sails-2022”.

This year, the latest technologies and original creative solutions were used to organize the graduates’ holidays. One of them is a radical change in the course of the ship. The appearance of a ship under red sails in the waters of the Neva should come as a surprise to everyone, and therefore the details of the traffic scheme were not disclosed.

Also in 2022, the holiday is dedicated not only to the 350th anniversary of the birth of Peter the Great, but also to eternal values. In accordance with the values, the places where the events of the theatrical performances will develop in the places of water pyrotechnic performances are called: love, freedom, friendship. According to Mikhail Kolpakhchiev, the director of the water pyrotechnics show, this year will be special.

“We have a very big event this year in terms of attracting artists, especially young people. We can say that creative people come to us from all over the country. Men from the Crimea, Krasnodar Territory and other regions of Russia participate in the demonstration. While arranging the show, they also considered how it would appear in the frame. Our task is to show the beautiful city and the holiday as attractively as possible for both graduates and viewers of the live broadcast.

It was important to find the right angles, the presentation of the spaces and the type of lighting.”

As the choreographer Boris Shipulin said, the dancers try to surprise the audience every year.

“For ourselves, every year we complicate the task, because the main thing continues to surprise the audience more and more. Therefore, the whole team and children work to improve the quality of the choreography, to make the scene brighter. Most of the dancers this year are the same age as the graduates. And therefore, I am confident that the energy of the upcoming show will be incredible and cannot be stopped,” he said.

The magnificent spectacle on the waters of the Neva strikes the eye every year with its beauty and scale. The organizers preserved the best traditions of the holiday and prepared many surprises for the audience and graduates, who, together with “Russia” under a red sail, will go to meet the first adult dawns. After a long hiatus, the Scarlet Sails holiday began in 2005 with the Anonymous Bank ROSSIYA, Channel Five and St. It was revived at the initiative of the Petersburg Government.

Source: Gazeta


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