Viral video of ‘Informativos Telecinco’ denouncing homophobic censorship at ‘Lightyear’

The censorship of ‘Lightyear’ has caused great controversy in some Asian countries as it spread a kiss between two women. news answering machine During the table talk on Monday, he wanted to analyze what had happened and support the lesbian community start a message. The trailer of the program received great applause on social networks for the words he said to the group.

In the noon version of the knowledge space presented by Isabel JimĂ©nez and David Cantero, what happened was discussed in detail: The reasons that we think have been forgotten long ago are retrospective and endless, and beyond that is unthinkable”, said the journalist.

His partner had the opportunity to describe what happened as ‘homophobia’: Buzz Lightyear suffers from homophobia condemned “for a simple kiss between two same-sex characters,” in theaters in up to 14 countries, before including the trailer for the piece.

In the clip, the discussion is detailed and summed up in a profound sentence from Taika Watiti, addressing one of the kissing women: “It’s about normalizing humanity, my love. I’m sorry for the countries that don’t do that, ‘They want this movie,'” he says, facing situations like what happened in the movie ‘Lightyear’. expresses in favor of the LGBTIQ+ population facing

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