NATO to discuss how to protect electoral processes from Russian disinformation attacks

All alarms in NATO were activated on January 6, 2021 and not because they detected an unknown missile, but because a fanatical crowd attacked the capital of the country leading the alliance. This is the second time the organization has witnessed the effects of a swarm of lies being spread through multiple channels, but on this occasion the matter was even more serious than the rain fake This confused the Brexit referendum.

US Democratic Congressman from California Linda Sánchez was in the House of Representatives when the attackers broke in.. And he tried to defend himself by putting furniture on the door of the office where he took refuge. Today he is one of the members Parliamentary Assembly NATO is the most supportive of the project to create the system Defense against “hybrid attacks”. In this forum, which is composed of deputies from the Allied countries, it is believed that the attack on the Capitol was the result of one of these attacks.

The project is a NATO Center for Democratic Resilience To “strengthen the democratic foundations of the Alliance,” says a report from the Parliamentary Assembly. But it goes beyond the theoretical: it presupposes the creation of a body. “Disinformation detection and fight”Trying to change the electoral processes in member states or destroy the trust of the population in political leaders. And to explain the latter, he puts example of spanish with minister Irene Montero as the main character.

malicious campaigns

The plan overcame domestic reluctance and gained an absolute majority in parliament after lawmakers from some countries, including Spain, doubted whether the tool would conflict with freedom of speech.

Project presumably to be discussed at the summit According to Spanish parliamentary sources, the Atlantic Alliance is in Madrid on 29 and 30 June. The theoretical basis will be integrated into the Madrid Strategic Concept to be prepared at the meeting.

North American Democratic congressmen Linda Sánchez and Gerry Connely are main supporters of the NATO Center for Democratic Resilience.

On 30 November, NATO Secretary General, Jens Stoltenberg He has already demonstrated his will to put the issue on the agenda of the summit. He spoke in Riga (Latvia), the first of five standings “Critical elements” for the Strategic Concept “Preserving our values” that are “under pressure both from outside our Alliance and from our own nations”. He expressed this with the following words: “Authoritarian regimes – implying Russia and China- using propaganda and misinformation to undermine our societiesand malicious cyber tools interfere with our choices”.

8-M case

From the Madrid summit, disinformation will become an official part of the aggression scenarios envisioned by NATO. an election campaign is already a weak wing, and a battlefield voting day. Alliance Parliamentary Assembly outlines the Center for Democratic Resistance project as proposed by its chairman, the Democrat Gerald Connolyin 2019. at full age Embers. His colleague from the party, Linda Sánchez, is the author of a grassroots report submitted to the leaders of the Atlantic Alliance.

The dossier of the Center for Democratic Resilience, members “Recognizing and correcting democratic weaknesses It can be used by malicious actors to spread disinformation and propaganda.”

The frame of a fake video that went viral on social networks, in which Irene Montero was accused of coughing into 8-M 2020 due to covid.

Congressman Sánchez lays out parts like campaign extension hesitant about vaccination anticovid Among the Hispanic minority in the United States, or the case of Hispanic Irene Montero, who exemplifies what she said “gender misinformation”. about eroding women’s authority in high public profile in the midst of a pandemic, by ‘presenting the women responsible for decision making as incapable of responding effectively to the crisis’.

The report explains that after the 8-A of 2020 was celebrated in Spain before the state of emergency was declared, “it spread widely”. A manipulated video showing Equality Minister Irene Montero coughing It’s still circulating on YouTube under the headline “Irene Montero coughs coronavirus into a grandmother’s face on her 8-M”. The report tells NATO: “A subsequent disinformation campaign wrongly accused of not isolating himself despite having covid symptoms.”

Spanish consensus

The NATO summit in June 2021 urged Russia to “intensify its hybrid actions against NATO allies and partners (…) election interference allies and democratic processes. Today the Alliance identifies “intense Russian destabilizing campaigns” in Finland and confirms Spanish military sources just days before that country formalizes its accession to the North Atlantic Treaty.

Spain is taking precautions like other NATO countries. On the 10th, the BOE issued an “Agreement”. Forum against disinformation campaigns in the field of National Security, where many objections have been formulated”.

But the two main political forces in the country support the Center for Resilience project, and Spain is one of 20 countries that have expressed their willingness to join the union if it is finally formed. proxy Zaida Quarryex-military officer and socialist spokesman for defense affairs and retired general of the PP counterpart Fernando Gutierrez Diaz de Otazu, we talked to foreign experts who finally came to an agreement. Before asking countries like the Baltic states to be wary of their reluctance: some of their laws against Russian minorities are hardly comparable to a democratic standard.

Soldiers of the American National Guard sleep on Capitol Hill on January 13, 2021. EFE

Linda Sánchez’s report points not only to Russia, but also to non-state anti-system actors, and that the disinformation attacks “to intensify (…) the liberal foundations of allied societies, increase polarization (…) and undermine public confidence in elections.”

The project plans to build a NATO system against hybrid attacks, with support teams helping local authorities “identify disinformation vulnerabilities before or during sensitive events.” Offer samples websites rumor controlFrom the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, Y propastopbetween Estonian paramilitary organization Defense League.

Two centers of excellence, one from NATO and one from the EU, can participate in the project: the Cooperative Cyber ​​Defense Center in Tallinn (Estonia) and the European Center against Hybrid Threats in Helsinki (Finland).

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