Summer comes and with it, one of the most unpleasant insects for humans, along with the hateful mosquitoes: cockroach. Also known as this insect exploding anyone Blattodea, scientific name, It is an inseparable companion of summer nights and lack of rain, especially in the Spanish Levante region. And drought combined with high temperatures is the ideal broth. cockroach they breed and forage for food, so they are often found in landfills.


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There are many ways to know if we have a p.plague of cockroaches in our houselike the discovery of the presence of eggs, but their excrement is a very reliable indicator. That’s why we’re telling you What are cockroach droppings and how to distinguish them from mouse droppings?.

It has been identified among more than 3,500 recognized species in the cockroach family. Five different species in Spain: most german cockroach or blond (blatella german), black cockroach (blatta oriental), american cockroach (american periplanet), supella longipalpa and Periplaneta australasia.

However, most common on the streets and easily distinguishable by its ability to fly, as if its size were no small reason to haunt our nightmares, american cockroach. this American cockroach excrement has very similar to house mouse, so it is not easy to distinguish them. But there are a number of features that will help us distinguish them from each other, we will tell you what they are:

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Cockroach poop | These are the differences between cockroach droppings (left) and mouse droppings (right). DISINSECTADOR.COM

  • Dimension: Mouse droppings are usually slightly larger.
  • Colour: Mouse dung is medium dark in color compared to American cockroach dung.
  • Smell: American cockroach poop smells very strong.
  • Shape: American cockroach droppings are more encapsulated, polyhedral and you can even see the edges, while mouse droppings are longer and end in one point.