A Norwegian company seeks permission to build a solar power plant between Villena, Biar and Canyada

four hundred hectares The farmland between the terms Villena, Biar and Canyada is the surface that a solar power plant designed by a Norwegian state company plans to occupy. this Provincial Official Gazette (BOP) take this Monday, June 20, 2022 The request for the implementation of Fontetes photovoltaic power plant, which will discharge the energy obtained in the region with its intermediate substations and 50 kilometers high voltage line. Cantalar electrical substation in the municipality of San Juan. A procedure posted a few days ago Official State Gazette (BOE) and collects the authorization request of the public interest statement. In such a case, the project-affected land can be expropriated for a reasonable price, even allowing the immediate occupation of the land without an agreement with the legitimate owners.

Estimated investment of this 170 megawatt power plant 80 million € and does not occupy a private space natural protection. Only five hectares of strategic forest land. Its layout is also respectful of the Vinalopó River, leaving the photovoltaic panels on either side of the riverbed and not occupying the regional corridor from Valle de los Alhorines.

Affected area located at the foot The Sierra Villenera of the villa with the guidance of neighboring municipalities Canada and Biar It is occupied by small dry plots and irrigation in the hands of numerous owners, near the Chicharra green road.

Ecologists review project to present in Action claims. “Not against the photovoltaic plant, because its environmental impact is minimal and measures have been taken to mitigate the impact, but against the high-voltage power cables that will cross the state to dump the energy produced in Villena into San Juan. “A 50-kilometer line that will cross areas of great natural value whose impact could be avoided by moving it to the much closer Beneixama or Elda substations,” he said. newspaper. on the work.

Activists have one month to file the allegations with the court. In the presence of the General Directorate of Energy Policy and Mines and the Ministry of Ecological Transition and Demographic Challenge, Organizations that have to accept or reject the request made by the Valencia organizer, which has signed a contract with the Norwegian state company responsible for the project.

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