Gustavo Petro: “We will exile death in Colombia”

What will change in Colombia?

Colombia has experienced a very long period of violence and poverty. Today we are starting to build bridges with the entire Colombian community, and together we will mobilize these people to generate jobs, wealth, peace and joy. Colombia is a country of great natural wealth and this should mean prosperity for its men and women.

Will negotiations with the ELN open?

Peace should be the fruit of dialogue and agreement with all sectors of the country, we will work so that there are no more deaths, we will make Colombia a country of life. Ours is a change of life that seeks to banish death, we will turn Colombia into a country where everyone can live, we will restore respect for human life.

How will you establish a relationship with Venezuela?

One of my first actions will be to reopen the border with Venezuela, one of our main trading partners. Closing the borders between the two countries has only created poverty for Colombia, re-establishing trade relations is good for the people of Colombia and Venezuela.

And with Spain?

The Government of Spain has been a friendly Government and Pedro Sánchez has shown that he wants Colombia to save his life and have a future. Not out of the respect that Spain had for Colombia at one point and colonialism. We will have excellent relations.

What are the short-term priorities?

Colombia is hungry and that’s top priority. I have promised and will abide by the subsidies for heads of households and the elderly without a pension. With this we will alleviate some of the famine. But this is situational. Because the aim is to encourage production, agriculture, clothing, tourism and create hundreds of thousands of jobs in Colombia. Colombian men and women must live by their valuable work.

How to achieve a more equitable redistribution of wealth and income?

Tax reform is one of our bets. But above all we will increase productivity, streamline the economy, and increase government revenues, while meeting the needs of the most disadvantaged. Colombia has the capacity to produce enough wealth for anyone to go hungry, for education and health to be universal and adequate.

First leftist President in Colombia. Are you afraid of reprisals, such as increased killings by left-wing militants?

Our victory is in the service of peace. That is, to pacify territories and provide protection to all. Left militants, peasants, social, indigenous leaders and any people. Life is untouchable and above all. It is also a commitment to the world revolution that should stop climate change.

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