Farruquito: “Flamenco, no matter how programmed, will never be enough”

Farruquito is one of the biggest. flamenco dancers of the last twenty years. With a proven track record and about to embark on a tour of Japan, the Seville artist will open the third edition of Peñíscola From Stage on Wednesday, June 22.

On Wednesday, June 22nd, you will open the third edition of Peñíscola From Stage. I don’t know if you think that opening a festival carries a certain responsibility. How do you deal with such a performance?

With illusion, desire and respect. I know there are good fans out there and it’s also my first time to Peñíscola. Therefore, I will dance in front of an unknown audience.

You go to Peñíscola before you go to Japan, right? What awaits you in Japan?

We will be in three different cities to present the same show that I will take to Peñíscola, Intimo. To be honest, I haven’t been to Japan in years. I love your people because I know they love me too since I went to the first dance in 1996.

“I think flamenco is a very rich cultural art musically, rhythmically and historically”

As you rightly mentioned, you are presenting the show titled ‘Intimo’ at Peñíscola. How would you describe this show? What is its essence?

It is a family or friend gathering. Among musicians who express themselves exactly as they feel at the moment, people who show themselves almost without thinking to the public to get them to participate in what’s going on.

You will have a special collaboration with Victoria Amador, a promising young dancer, as La Rubia de Antequera. Flemish. How was I given this opportunity to act with you?

The truth is, I don’t have the pleasure of meeting him, but whenever I want I would like to help the flamenco show not only through myself, but also through the next generation.

In addition to this collaboration, who will accompany you on stage?

I’m accompanied by native flamencos such as Manuel Valencia, Ezequiel Montoya, Ismael el Bola and María Vizarraga on guitar and Paco Vega on percussion.

The festival organization assures you that this year, trusting you is an opportunity they cannot miss. You are one of the biggest claims of this raid. Does that put more pressure on you when it comes to acting?

A little yes, but I will try to give my heart and let it be as God intended.

“My goals are not very ambitious: keep dancing until you get body”

From your perspective and years of experience, where do you see flamenco currently? I ask this because, in addition to having fun at events specifically dedicated to this art, more festivals in general are trying to enrich their schedules with flamenco performances.

I think that no matter how much flamenco is programmed, it will never be enough. In any case, as it is a cultural art that is very rich musically, rhythmically and historically, I think it is a good moment, but we must never stop fighting for it to grow as it deserves.

It’s a career of twenty years already, but you still have a lot to explore. Where is Farruquito in his professional career? What goals have you set for yourself in the short term?

My goals are not very ambitious: to keep dancing until my body stops and the illusion of moving myself and others is gone.

A wish that hasn’t come true yet?

Create a musical for the little ones and create a flamenco tabernacle.

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