Hundreds of British paratroopers banned from NATO exercise after orgy video

The new commander of British forces, General Sir Patrick Sanders, has decided to exclude a battalion of paratroopers from NATO exercises in Bosnia and Kosovo, after a video of the paratroopers’ orgy at a military base surfaced. The newspaper reports New York Post.

On video Eight paratroopers from Great Britain’s 16th Air Assault Brigade have sex with a civilian woman they are escorting to Merville Barracks in Colchester, Essex. He’s been there 31 times in the last five months, according to The Times of London.

The Royal Military Police investigated how the woman was taken to the military facility and whether any military orders had been violated.

In announcing his decision, Sanders called such behavior “unacceptable, abrasive and damaging to the Army’s reputation.” To him, the incident may seem “insulting women” and contrary to military values.

“I am not prepared at this time to risk the NATO mission or the reputation of the British Army by deploying paratroopers,” he said.

Sex party reports came of a series of incidents in which several soldiers were accused of “unprofessional behavior” during an exercise in North Macedonia in May.

Source: Gazeta


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