Two actors died in a car accident while filming a Netflix series

During the filming of his new drama ‘El Elegido’, two people died and six were injured. Netflix He’s recording in the Mexican town of Mulegé. The incidents occurred when a truck crashed and overturned on Thursday, June 16.

According to information published by Deadline, late actor and producer Raymundo Garduño Cruz and actor and musician Juan Francisco González Aguilar. The remainder of the injured were the other two actors and four members of the shooting crew, and all are in stable condition.

Production company Redrum temporarily suspended filming and the actors union of the United States keeps in touch with Netflix and “To investigate the situation with domestic production. Safety on set is always our priority. We will continue to take steps to ensure our members and others are safe at work.”

In addition, writer Rick Zazueta claimed responsibility on his Facebook profile and made it clear what happened. “It was no ordinary accident.” Additionally, it states: “The squad had openly complained about logistics and transportation issues. the fact that this illogical, illogical, ignorant and stupid production is up against it. The conditions of the van were definitely not suitable for transporting people.” At this time, Netflix did not comment on the matter.

Source: Informacion


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