They want 23 years from Huelva nurse who poisoned 7 colleagues with methadone

The Huelva Prosecutor’s Office requested 23 years in prison for MEMS, a nurse accused of poisoning seven toilets with methadone in Huelva prison He was taken from the center in November 2018, when he was arrested in January 2019.

According to the indictment of the prosecutor’s office, to which Efe had access, The service organization is charged with a continuous injury charge, with five years’ imprisonment and six injuries claimed, with three years added each.. Likewise, it is asked to pay compensation ranging from 7,720 to 11,190 euros for the seven injured parties.

As stated by the prosecutor in the minutes put forward by El Confidencial, the events at which he was to stand trial took place between July and November 2018, when the defendants had exercised access with the apparent intent to harm. A nurse who has a locked cabinet in the infirmary pharmacy, responsibility for the methadone it contains, and minor control of the substance in question in these addictions, began to seize indefinite amounts.

He then introduced them to Nordiazepam and the occasional Pregabalin, as well as food that his colleagues had kept in the toilet for their own consumption. used to dine for staff in said dependencies, among other things.

It is likely to pose a serious risk to health if taken by those unaccustomed to methadone, mixed with fortifiers.and indeed seven colleagues consumed it and suffered more or less severe poisonings, placing them in hospital care.

Source: Informacion


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