Arrested in Novelda for reckless driving after quadrupling his alcohol percentage

Novelda Local Police arrested a man for reckless driving. 23 years old with a long list police records.

The three patrols quickly responded to the call of several of the city’s neighbors. cross neighborhood He warned that he was driving recklessly and collided with three parked cars on the road, resulting in property damage.

After a chase in the urban area, the vehicle was finally stopped and the driver was handed over to the police. breathalyzerwho has the result quaternary maximum rate allowed.

After being detained, the 4 children in the vehicle were released and released. defined and made available to them fathers.

The incidents occurred at seven on Saturday morning, and on Sunday night several Novelda Local Police patrols also collaborated with firefighters of the Vinalopó Operational Area to put out a fire.

The fire outside the Novelda marble factory. INFORMATION

The incident occurred around 10 am in the field outside a marble company near the closed Novelda Emergency Coordination Center.

Numerous pallets and nearby trees were burned.

In this case, the intervention of the Elda Fire Station personnel, who used two trucks in the fire, was decisive in preventing the spread of the flames to the surrounding buildings.

The cause of the fire is being investigated.

The case of the arrested driver is reminiscent of what happened in August 2019. Novelda Local Police arrested 36-year-old man of Spanish nationality reckless driving along the access road La Mola Castle. It was on the night of August 31, after several phone calls that reported the presence of a wandering vehicle. high speed make maneuvers danger to other road users

A police patrol managed to stop the vehicle at height after raiding the area. Walk of the Mills.

The driver was also driving accompanied by an escort. small stale. After agents perform a breathalyzer test that confirms driving under the influence of alcohol, stoped and taken to court. it happened in this case wife the fined driver who took responsibility for the minor.

Just one month later, in September 2019 Drug-using driver panicked By reckless driving among the population at 12:30 great speed with glides and turns on various streets of the nearby city Jesus Navarro School, At that time, he was about to run across the terrace of a workplace full of people.

Three police patrols and one of the Civil Guards searched for tourism, thanks to the courage and responsibility of a few citizensHe even managed to arrest the driver, who managed to stop the car by blocking its path.

A 44-year-old prisoner of Spanish nationality, next door to Novelda, was tested for drugs. with a criminal recordthey gave positive for cannabis and cocaine usewas sent to the courthouse and the vehicle was handed over to the municipal police safe.

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