War in Ukraine: Spanish police and civil guards to investigate the crimes of Russian soldiers in Kharkov

Spanish police mission to be deployed in Ukraine, police and civil guards specialists investigating crimes against persons such as murders, rapeshuman trafficking and sexual exploitation, abduction and abduction of minors, A research channel and events of Prensa Ibérica, as it is known by OPEN CASE.

Ukrainian government, headed by Volodymyr Zelensky The Spanish conveyed their willingness to welcome the researchers to the Spaniards. from 20 Juneas this portal found out.

In principle, the fate of Spanish agents would be to carry out the investigation of any crime committed in Turkey. Kharkov regionThe country’s second most important town, a city close to the border, was razed by Russian troops and is now again under Ukrainian control.

Police Support Team

Forensic police experts in the absence of final details, Police Support Team (EPA) It was formed by experts in the scientific police, explosives deactivation and NRBC technicians (nuclear, radiological, biological and chemical phenomena).

The investigators involved in the mission belong to elite units of the National Police and Civil Guard. UDEV Center and Central Operations Unit (UCO)- They participated in investigations like their crimes. Joseph Bretonmurder Diana Quergirls’s Anna and Olivia Liberation of women who have been sexually abused in their apartments and workplaces in Tenerife and throughout Spain.

On April 21, the government approved the EPA’s dispatch to Ukraine, authorizing these police teams to participate in “scenarios that could lead to a kickback.” serious crimes violations of human rights or violations of International Humanitarian Law, the disclosure of which in many cases may exceed the capacities of the institutions of the affected States”.

Agents selected for the mission already attended several meetings The necessary procedures for traveling to Ukraine are in preparation and are pending. “It’s just left to finish logistics details“, Specify the sources referenced in this way.

rape and pregnancy

It was decided upon complaints regarding the appointment of police and civilian guards who are experts in investigating crimes against individuals. killing and killing of civilians in different regions of Ukraine. this Former Ombudsman of Ukraine Liudmila Denisova and several NGOs have condemned dozens of cases. women raped by soldiers and Russian mercenaries. It was reported that minors were abducted by Russian soldiers in various parts of the country.

United Nations equality agency (UN Women) He also states that they are receiving more and more complaints about rape and all forms of violence against Ukrainian women, and are calling for an independent investigation into these cases.

In the Kharkov region, where Spanish investigators will go, the NGO Human Rights Watch collected testimonies of women raped by Russian soldiers, especially women raped by Russian soldiers. Malaya Rohan village.

International Criminal Court

The Russian Ministry of Defense denied all these accusations attributed to Russia. media propaganda westernersespecially from the United States.

The findings of the Spanish Environmental Protection Agency in Ukraine will be submitted to the relevant authorities, as appropriate. International Criminal CourtIt has jurisdiction over war crimes such as the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Source: Informacion


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