Rear Admiral Chekmasov: Russia has shipyards for the construction of aircraft carriers

Russian shipbuilding facilities need orders to operate, so the Ministry of Defense will find out where to build a new fleet of aircraft carriers. said in an interview “” Rear Admiral, military expert Mikhail Chekmasov.

“At the moment, the construction of large ships and ships in Russia is gradually being restored, new technologies are mastered and new experiences are gained. Some of the hulls of the ships under the Mistral project were transported to St. It was built in St. Petersburg. Gorshkov’s modernization for the Indian Navy was carried out at the Northern Machine-Building Enterprise. Project 23900 amphibious assault ships being built at the Zaliv plant in Kerch A large shipyard is being built in Murmansk by Novatek, with the construction of the Zvezda shipbuilding complex in the Far East being completed. Then it will be found out where to build a new aircraft carrier fleet in Russia, ”said he.

He noted that the Naval Main Command is working with the United Shipbuilding Corporation (USC) and other organizations on this issue, and that the customer’s functions are performed by the Department for the provision of state defense orders for ships and naval weapons. Russian Ministry of Defense.

Earlier it was reported that the only Russian cruiser carrying heavy aircraft was “Admiral Kuznetsov”. will be back To the fleet after repairs in 2024.

Source: Gazeta


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