An injured man when his car crashes into a ravine in Vall de Laguar

a man suffered serious injuries after this sunday He crashed into a valley with his car in Vall de Laguar. According to the sources of the Provincial Firefighters Consortium, the accident occurred at around 16.00 at the height of the hearth. 7th kilometer of CV-721 highwaycome in Fleix and BenimaurellTwo of the four population centers that make up this municipality, in the interior of Marina Alta.

driver left stuck by legs inside vehicle, tilted back. the car fell about six meters high, in a valley with thick undergrowth. Medical helicopter requested to transport the injured To the helipad of the Dénia fire station. I waited there basic life support ambulancethis took him to the district hospital.

Along with a sergeant, a corporal, and five firefighters from Dénia park, a headquarters command unit, a heavy urban bomber, and a variety of rescue vehicles participated in rescue missions. Added HLC medical helicopter to these resources.

Source: Informacion


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