The price of electricity will rise 46% this Monday to 258.68 euros

this electric will rise this monday megawatt-hours (MWh) up to almost 46%, 258.68 eurosgas ceiling adjustment to be paid by the beneficiaries according to the results of the auctions held at the wholesale markets or in the ‘pool’ and for compensation to the facilities using this raw material.

If these levels are taken into account, it will be about 25 euros cheaper. €283.59 MWh would have been payable in the Iberian Peninsula if the gas price limit had not been applied It is designed for electricity generation, which comes into play this week.

According to market data consulted by Efe, where the value of the ‘pool’ can be calculated without applying the mechanism, the gas cap left the average price of the days it was in effect. about 36 euro below the approximate 268.88 euro/MWh which will be marked as accumulated.

Return to productive activity after weekend pushes electricity back upA scenario also observed in other European countries, especially in Italy, is that the price will approach 309 euro/MWh for tomorrow and go up to a maximum of 394.96 euro.

Considering only wholesale market auction resultswhich has hitherto determined the price to be paid the next day, electricity will be collected on average 28.4% Up to 157.48 Euro/MWh compared to 122.61 Euro marked for this Market.

According to the time zones, the maximum payable time of 197.91 euro/MWh will be recorded between 23:00 and 12:00, while the minimum will be 110.44 euro/MWh, between 17:00 and 18:00.

However, it must be added to these amounts. adjustment cost to gas plantsThe amount, which varies according to the volume and price required by the system, is transferred to the beneficiary households and workplaces.

For this Monday, the average adjustment for these consumers will average 101.2 Euro/MWh.

Already implementing this data, which the Iberian Electricity Market Operator (OMIE) published within an hour of determining the “pool” price, MWh will increase by 45.6% compared to 177.64 euros this market cost – including availability -.

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