Caught stealing meat in a St. Petersburg store, threatening sellers with garden shears

On June 18, 2022, St. Petersburg, after an unsuccessful attempt to rob a store, a man began to threaten sellers with a pruner, reported On the Telegram channel “Russian Guard of St. Petersburg”.

Around 5:20 pm, the man tried to remove a piece of raw meat from the store without paying, but an outlet employee noticed this and pressed the “alarm” button and decided to prevent the crime by blocking his path. Later, the suspect took a bottle from the shelf with alcohol and began to drink the contents “for courage”. He then took a pruner out of his bag and threatened the workers with violence.

The suspect was detained by a platoon of the National Guard. It turned out that the man had a previous criminal record.

Law enforcement is now investigating the circumstances and causes of the incident.

It was previously reported that detained Serial thieves who robbed huts near Moscow.

Source: Gazeta


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