Andalusian elections, ‘Infiel’ and ‘Cuarto Milenio’, in ‘prime time’ on Saturday

one a special broadcast tonight at 19:40 elections in Andalusia. The space presented by Ana Blanco and Carlos Franganillo will show in detail how the last hours of the day passed from different points of the region and the beginning of the election results.

antenna 3 The program is with its new episode tonight at 22:00. ‘Unfaithful’. The Turkish drama will take a radical turn this week as Leyla changes her name to outline her new plan. In attempts to harm the couple, an event will occur that will complicate Derin and Volkan’s relationship.

Iker Jiménez puts a magnifying glass on the homeless in Cuatro

four A new program is airing this Sunday at 21:30. ‘fourth millennium’. Iker Jiménez, Carmen Porter and the rest of the team will explore some of the stories this week

starring the homeless.

New ‘survivor’ fired from Telecinco

telecinco plan a new part of the discussion ‘survivors’ With Ion Aramendi at 22:00. This week, the ‘Honduran Connection’ will reveal the name of the last person permanently expelled from the island. There will also be a new prize game where some of your items will be played.

south channel This afternoon, from 19:15, a detailed report on the subject is published. elections in Andalusia. The format will show the latest news before the polls close and analyze the results overnight until the candidate elected for community presidency is known.

sixth the schedule is this Sunday at 7:30pm, a delivery ‘Red hot’ He went to the Andalusian elections. While Ferreras is on set, the results and the progress of the vote counting will be discussed until the final result is known.

Source: Informacion


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