Guberniev: prison cries according to Roman Shirokov, he is a criminal

Sports commentator and TV presenter Dmitry Guberniev spoke about the six-month suspension of the former captain of the Russian national team, Roman Shirokov, from football activities for the threat of physical harm to the judges.

“Roman Shirokov was and remains an illiterate. Guys, do I understand correctly that according to Roman Shirokov the prison is crying??? He is a criminal, ”wrote the TV presenter telegraph channel.

June 18 on the website of the Moscow Football Federation announced On the decommissioning of Shirokov for six months.

Shirokov is now the head of the Moscow Strogino club. He was penalized for influencing the referees during the match of the youth teams of the Moscow Championship “Strogino-2008” – “Rodina” club league.

Also, Shirokov has to pay a fine of 50 thousand rubles. and apologies to the referees.

After the match, Shirokov physically pressured the referees and was also shown a red card for obscene speech towards the referees.

Previously, former football referee Igor Fedotov, Roman Shirokov’s must be pushed back from interacting with people.

Source: Gazeta


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