British journalist and Amazonian killed by hunting gun

Expert examinations revealed that the British journalist and native disappeared at the scene. Amazon Brazilians were killed by hunting weapons.

In particular, experts from the National Criminalistics Institute, Brazil They stated that they were local Bruno Pereira he was shot three times: one in the head, two in the chest and a British journalist Dom Phillips Brazilian press reported that he received a single bullet in the chest.

The bodies of both were found in Valle del last Monday. JavariIn the Amazon region, Britons were not authenticated until this Friday.

Caused Pereira’s death “thoracic, abdominal and cranial trauma” and the shots were made “with typical hunting ammunition”. Phillips “had thoracic-abdominal trauma from a gunshot shot with typical hunting ammunition that caused injuries to the abdomen and chest area.”

Dental examinations by the Pereira family confirmed the boy’s identity. localin the case of journalist, forensic anthropology was used.

So far, three people have been arrested for alleged involvement in these murders, including a man who surrendered this Saturday. Investigations continue to determine attack motive.

Source: Informacion


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