Torito unexpectedly ends his time on ‘Viva la vida’ a month after the last episode

‘Viva la vida’ will end its broadcasts on the 24th of next month and will be replaced by a new program that it produces. Unicorn ContentResponsible for the ‘Ana Rosa Programme’, ‘It’s noon’, ‘It’s eight o’clock’ or ‘On the vantage point’. A little less than a month later cancelThe show voluntarily fires one of its most beloved collaborators. little bull Confirmed that as of 19 June it is no longer part of the weekend afternoon schedule.

Many of the Mediaset program collaborators are looking for new formats to work with when production is finished. Despite this, the famous reporter, who has been part of the team for years, decided to go along. larger margin.

Torito did not want to give details of the incident. reasons He made his decision, but it was he who declared it in his own report. social networks. Surprise implied a bad relationship with those currently responsible for ‘Viva la vida’.

The text gives some hints possible differences and mistreating the rulers: “I’m getting off the sailboat before I reach the port because pattern wind is not always in favor“, commented.

Source: Informacion


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