Briton Sam Lowes (Kalex) gets his first win pole position eighteenth of his season and sports career, fastest in the official classification German Grand Prix tomorrow’s controversial Sachsenring.

Lowes, who is fourteenth on the provisional world rankings, six consecutive “zeroes” Therefore, he urgently needs a good result that will allow him to improve his situation, bearing in mind that in previous seasons he was always one of the contenders for the category title.

Italian Celestino Vietti (Kalex) didn’t want to miss his chance and started the first classification very strongly, finishing first with 1:23,786, just behind two-tenths of the Brits. Jake Dixon (Kalex), with local Marcel Schrotter (Kalex), while there’s still six minutes of combat.

It was they who eventually made it to the second division with the Italians. Tony Arbolino (Kalex).

Spanish Jorge Navarro (Kalex) didn’t feel as comfortable looking as he should be looking for a good classification and eventually had to settle for sixth place ahead of Thailand or twentieth in the starting line-up for the same. somkiat chantra (Kalex) and Spanish Mark Ramirez (MV Augusta).

Spaniards in last positions respectively Alex Toledo (Kalex) and Jeremy Hollow (Kalex).

He was only a few thousandths faster than the Vietti in the first division. Albert Arenas (Kalex) was followed by his own teammate, Briton Jake Dixon, by a tenth of a second in his first fastest lap of 1:23,765, third, third, in the early stages of the second division. and which is almost as much

England’s Sam Lowes (Kalex) was the next benchmark when he finished 1:23.493 on lap six, putting him one-thousandth of a second behind the breakout absolute record (1:23.397) the Spaniard has held since then. 2019 Raul Fernandez (Kalex), but as a firm leader of this classification.

No one could beat the time of Sam Lowes, who took the eighteenth pole position of his sports career and was followed by the Spaniards. Albert Arenas Y Augusto Fernandez (Kalex), Jake Dixon fourth.

Aron Canet Despite all his problems and the morning crash that caused him to bleed from his nose, (Kalex) managed to finish in sixth place between the German Schrotter and the Italian Arbolino in the same second as the top five.

World championship leader Celestino Vietti finished eighth, a notable improvement over the first practice sessions of the German weekend, far behind, eleventh, Pedro Acosta (Kalex), ahead of the Spaniards. Alonso Lopez (Boscocuro) and Fermin Aldeguer (Boscocuro).

Manuel “Manugas” Gonzalez (Kalex) finished eighteenth.