What will happen now Will be All dogs and cats are required to have DNI-Animal. in spain, name the dogs will be important to many owners Pets. your dog a animal identity Puts it “Cuqui García” or “Pompón Pérez”. Fortunately, when it comes names dog Spaniards are quite originals and we tend to choose the names of dishes, fictional characters or places around the world.


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But choose a dog name for our baby or to adopt It’s not always an easy task for our furry friend. raceand includes a number of factors. all pet owners should know.

How to choose a good dog name?

Although many people do not consider your name dog It is an important thing, the truth is, it is a vital decision (along with the choice). race) that you can bookmark our link pet. Also, certain basic rules for naming dogs recommended by experts dog behavior and this can help tip the scales in favor of some of your options. names for dogs:

  1. Choose a short name. Even if you want to call your dog “Sir Titanius Anglesmith”, know that it is not a good choice. select short dog name this golden rule of naming your pet, because dogs do not recognize long names well and the maximum number of syllables should be two. A tip: the best dog names they are monosyllabic and must take the vowel “a” or “o”.
  2. Choose an original name. If you live in an area with a large number of dogs, it is recommended to use your imagination when choosing a dog. name for your dog. You’ll thank yourself later for being original when you’re in the park. walk with your pet and you should call him.
  3. Check if it’s a good name. Before deciding on a name for your dog, you should check whether you are comfortable with it and consider whether you can pronounce it in public without embarrassingly losing your face. Try repeating it out loud a few times at home and see. if your dog reacts to it.

The world's most popular dog names

The world’s most popular dog names Budget Direct

What are the most popular dog names?

But to find and choose perfect name for you The most important feature of the dog is that it fits your personality and says something about you. as in their names peoplesome dog names are in vogue for several years and then fade into oblivion.

Additionally, the name we give our pet is often a reflection of what we love or care about, meaning it says something about our history and the things that define us. to help you make a choice perfect dog name we brought you one list of most popular dog names In Spain, compiled annually by the dog sitter company Rover:

  1. coconut

  2. Thor

  3. Max.

  4. Cliff

  5. Toby

  6. simba

  7. Lion

  8. Luke

  9. Zeus

  10. Bruno

  1. Moon

  2. horseshoe

  3. Rent

  4. lola

  5. bimba

  6. Mine

  7. Not

  8. kiara

  9. Calf

  10. Premiere

If there’s one thing we Spaniards love, it’s to eat, and above all, to eat well. owners of the Pets They decided to take inspiration from food to name their dogs. Here are some examples:

  • truffles

  • slut

  • Candy

  • tacos

  • Ventilation

  • macaroon

  • chocolate

  • Lime

  • Kindergarten

  • sushi

The confinement caused by the coronavirus health crisis has locked us in at home, and for most of us we’re glued to the couch and the TV or Netflix, maybe that’s why there’s a baby boom in the name of heroes. ours serials and movies Favorites.

  • Jack (This is us)

  • Loki (Thor)

  • Arya (Game of Thrones)

  • The River (Paper House)

  • Leia (Star Wars)

  • Klaus (Umbrella Academy)

  • Tokyo (Paper House)

  • Luke (Star Wars)

  • Logan (Marvel)

  • Olaf (Frozen)

It is clear, or so it seems, that Spaniards dream of exotic destinations. most popular dog names of this year. After the travel was stopped due to the pandemic, many business owners made the decision. give their names dogs as tourist attractions Favorites. Here are some examples:

  • India

  • Asia

  • Kenyan

  • Africa

  • Syria

  • Congo

  • Nairobi

  • dubai

  • Balinese

  • Hot pepper

  • Havana

Most people own pet like a member of the family, so we’re not surprised that 40% of the top 100 names in the rankings are person and character names. these are number 10 human names Most popular for pets:

  • Rent

  • Lion

  • Mine

  • Luke

  • Not

  • kiara

  • Bruno

  • Premiere

  • jack

  • Maya

this social networks There are so many in our lives, how could it be otherwise, dog names. these are their names influencers most commonly used in dogs:

  • Chiara

  • concert

  • who

  • Kendall

  • paquita

  • clone

  • North

  • kylie

  • Stormy

In 2020, pet owners chose to choose many dog ​​names. original, funny and even rogue. Here are some examples:

  • Turquoise
  • guachiman

  • dog

  • Slipper

  • medallion

  • chachi

  • Gulf

  • hot

  • narco

  • infamous

  • rowdy

  • pulgos