One of the few swimming pools for dogs in the Valencian Community is in a town in Alicante.

When? summer we all want to drink a few days off and getting wet for as long as possible and even if we want to, in many cases we can’t because we have pets and taking them to the beach or pool can take them to a place where they need to be tied up. stress for them and it’s a burden for us, especially if it’s a very hot day and give your dog a heat stroke. For all of this, the most important thing when you want to go to the beach with your dog is to find a cool place where he can take shelter from the high temperatures and have fun for the two of you.

With this aim, ‘Trust Resort’ was born in Ondara. The largest holiday complex for pets in Spain, and has one of several dog pools of the entire Valencian Community. This tourist complex was designed especially for them, but also for us. kennel, as well as dog training dog grooming, feeding and sports services. There is even a beach bar where you can enjoy a snack with your dog.

‘Trust Resort’ in Ondara, the largest holiday complex for pets in Spain pixabay

Aquacan, pool for dogs

Aquacan is one of the few. dog pools With the entire Valencian Community (there is another one at Gos Aventura in Castellón) and 1,000 square metres, One of the largest in Spain. In addition, a entrance simulating a beach So that the animals can get in and out more easily.

The pool is filled with waterfalls, slides and jets of water in a fully fenced enclosure. Users without pets have the option to enter the pool during special hours, with prior reservation.

Aquacan is the only pool for dogs in the entire Valencian Community. pixabay

dog residence

If you have to travel and cannot do it with your dog, you can stay at this resort. kennel where your animals will stay in separate rooms it has a small private patio and caretakers will take them for a walk twice a day. It also includes swimming in the pool and two meals a day for your pet.

They do not discriminate

In this facility, they take into account the character of the animal, not the breed, because the ultimate responsibility rests with the owner, and that is the difference in some places. not pet friendly Some dog breeds are accepted.

Entry rules to the venue

Like any other organization, there are mandatory rules in this case. Owners of dogs who need to bring a health card or your dog’s passport with all current vaccinations (rabies, polyvalent and all kennels). We remind you that you must bring the dog’s health card (passport) with current rabies, polyvalent and kennel cough vaccines. Moreover, dogs can slack off in the enclosure but they should always wear a necklace that defines them.

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