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Two people were caught stealing batteries at a telecommunications station in Elche.


National Police agents arrested in county carouselsinside elchea two people committing robbery inside a telephone conversion station. Those arrested are two men, aged 22 and 52, both of Spanish nationality.

Thanks to Police reinforcements in rural areas Agents of one of these teams working to prevent citizen safety from rural Elche, where there is also an increase in the police presence of ununiformed units patrolling in unmarked police vehicles, they observed a person with a vigilant attitude around a telephone conversion station, so the patrol decided to approach without arousing suspicion.

When the agents arrived at this person’s location, they observed: the fence of the enclosure is broken in an area close to the suspect’s location. Also, within the phone station feature there was another personwhich seemed to be manipulating something.

a secret performance

After the police teams prevented the person outside from informing the insiders, sneaked into the station surprise your partner was cutting the terminals of several batteries at that moment Who was the owner of the telecommunications station. Both were arrested on charges of being the perpetrators of the forced theft of goods.

Later, the police teams who came to the scene identified the vehicle in which the detained person was located.The alleged perpetrators of the theft had previously charged several batteries in the trunk of the vehicle.

After contacting the property, to get the police report on the approximate value of the stolen batteries, it was possible to determine: reached 5,000 eurosIt was also stated that the damages caused by the manipulation of the contact center were worth 2500 euros.

The detainees were sent to the courthouse Court in Guard Functions From the city of Elche.

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