The United States plans to provide $800 million in military aid to Ukraine in 2023.

The U.S. Senate Armed Services Committee has approved the 2023 military budget for the Ukraine Security Assistance Initiative, which includes $800 million. This is contained in the 2023 Fiscal Year National Defense Law. area Board.

In addition to direct assistance to Ukraine, the law provides for the allocation of $ 2.7 billion for the production of Stinger man-portable anti-aircraft systems and Javelin anti-tank missile systems, which the USA actively supplies to Ukraine.

At the same time, former Pentagon spokesman John Kirby, strategic communications coordinator at the White House National Security Council (NSC). declarationThat the United States sees no reason at this time to plan another additional package of military aid for Ukraine.

According to him, Kyiv gets as much support from Washington as the United States can send.

Former US President Joe Biden announced About the allocation of a new $1 billion military aid package to Kiev. This was reported by TASS, citing the press service of the White House.

The package includes “additional artillery and coastal defense systems, as well as artillery munitions and modern missile systems.”

Source: Gazeta


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