Pension Fund previously told how to get a pension

The Russian Pension Fund (PFR) said that Russians can receive the funded portion of their pension before the approved retirement age. Agency reports “Hitting the Primer”.

Experts recalled that the Russians received the right to receive the funded part of the pension ahead of schedule in 2019, when a gradual increase in the retirement age began in the country. At the same time, the age for obtaining the right to pay savings has not changed.

Thus, the retirement age was set at 65 for men and 60 for women. However, men of “old” retirement age can apply for payment of pension savings at age 60 and women at 55, respectively.

For payment, it is necessary to apply to the organization in which they were established – the Pension Fund of the Russian Federation or a non-state pension fund.

old russians reminded It’s about a law that lowers the retirement age.

In addition, since June 3, the FIU’s to start transfer 10% indexed pensions to non-working retirees.

Source: Gazeta


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