Argentina arrests and extradites wife and children of Ecuador’s main drug trafficker Fito

government Ecuador He awaits the arrival of his wife and children in Quito. José Adolfo Macías Villamar, aka Fito, drug gang leader chonerosThey lived in a luxury urbanization in Argentina’s Córdoba province, where they were arrested by police. Fito was the trigger days before the security crisis that has rocked his country since his escape from a prison in Guayaquil. Authorities suspect he may have left Ecuador. Colombia on alert. Minister Gustavo Peter He assured that if caught he would be extradited immediately.

In this context, 48-year-old Inda Mariela Peñarrieta Tuárez and her three children were arrested. According to the newspaper PeopleThe far-right government decided to expel these people without delay. They reached the city of Córdoba, about 600 kilometers north of the capital, on January 5, two days before Fito escaped from prison. The drug dealer’s nephew and a babysitter also lived at the exclusive Golf Club.

Argentine officials were, in a sense, forewarned because Ecuadorian police had warned that the Choneros leader might try to enter that country. From then on, local police began working in collaboration with the Ecuadorian prosecutor’s office, primarily to locate the suspects’ relatives.

Los Choneros’ damage capacity increased exponentially over several years in parallel with its alliance with the Mexican drug cartel. Sinaloa. Fito was serving a 34-year prison sentence. His escape triggered a wave of violence in other prison units, prompting President Daniel Noboa to “internal armed conflict“He is a name that attaches special importance to the Armed Forces in the fight against 22 gangs operating in the country and classified as terrorists.

Pablo Escobar’s widow

The case of Fito’s wife recalled what happened in Argentina almost three decades ago, when Pablo Escobar Gaviria’s widow, María Victoria Henao, and her son were spotted in the capital. “At three in the morning on December 24, 1994, we entered the Bauen Suite Hotel in the heart of Buenos Aires. It looked deserted and dark to me. I decided we would not stay,” he wrote. My life and prison with Pablo Escobar.

In Argentina, she changed her name to Isabel Santos. His son Juan Pablo’s name was changed to Juan Sebastián Marroquín. In 2017, a lawsuit was filed against them for alleged money laundering, which has not yet been closed.

Source: Informacion


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