The Spanish Chamber celebrates the first of the 2021 Chambers Awards

this Chamber of Commerce Celebrated the first edition of Spain Rooms Awards They were born with the aim of recognizing and valuing the work of the Regional Chambers in different fields that are of special importance for the economic and social development of our country.

this winners Examples of this first edition were: The Tarragona Chamber in the category of Internationalization; Valencia Chamber in Digitization: Seville Chamber in Formation; Zaragoza Sustainability Chamber; Santiago de Compostela Chamber in Entrepreneurship; The Valladolid Chamber of Arbitration and Mediation and the four Canary Chambers in the Social Leadership category—Gran Canaria, Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Fuerteventura and Lanzarote, and La Graciosa.

Pilar Alegría, Minister of Education and Vocational Education, attended the event, praising the selection of different categories for the first of these awards, “these are, Business and institutions They may feel it reflected in their daily efforts. And that’s something that clearly says what makes Chambers special.”

The minister also had the opportunity to thank the cameras.”support and participation What you have from the very beginning in the introduction of the new VET. It will be extraordinarily beneficial to convey the message that there is a great opportunity for them in this new Vocational and Employment Training model to all SMEs. Your participation is key to ensuring your success.”

At the opening of the action, José Luis Bonet, president of the Spanish Chamber, valued the work of the heads of the regional chambers “you have turned the chambers of commerce into a chamber of commerce. indispensable instrument at the service of companies and society as a whole. You have shown that chambers of commerce are useful and necessary.” And he reminded them that these awards are “designed to publicly highlight the results of you and your teams, and have the added value of being awarded by a jury of some major Spanish companies.” tractor work It is extremely important for the development of the productive fabric of our country,” he said.

Reyes Maroto, Minister of Industry, Trade and Tourism, attended the event telematically transferring his congratulations to the cameras. “I recommend that you continue to work with the same effort and dedication as you have done so far, and help. Spain is advancing”.

First edition of the Camera Awards

this Tarragona Room won the award in the Internationalization category for its initiative “Continuing the face-to-face Africa plan during the pandemic”.

The pandemic has mandated the cancellation of all in-person events in March 2020, so the Tarragona Chamber has worked to reverse this situation and designed and conducted three in-person actions in the last quarter of 2020. It also organized 10 Missions with 92 companies to 18 African countries in 2021.

this Valencian Room He won this award for his initiative”TradeCreated in 2016 to provide SMEs with technology and digitization services that increase their competitiveness according to the sector in which they operate (services, trade, industry) and transform these companies into more scalable and flexible organizations.

The owner of this award Seville Room. on his initiativeChamber Training CampusThe Chamber has spent years, concentrating on all its activities, to develop a strategic plan on education issues with the thought of contributing to society through “grain of sand” Education and thereby improving the society’s vision of the role of the company. on a single Campus.

Winner of this category Zaragoza Room for him”Electric Mobility Development Office OPME‐z in and around Zaragoza“Recognizing the change in urban mobility and its enormous impact on citizens and businesses alike, the office was created to be a meeting point around electric mobility for citizens, companies and institutions. This model has been a pioneer as a Chamber service and has completed its three-year life with its applicability and usefulness.

Winner in the Entrepreneurship category Chamber of Santiago de Compostela with “Network of job creation and consolidation areas in general and in the industry”. The Chamber has designed a series of areas for the creation, initiation and consolidation of business projects in order to increase the business texture and contribute to the creation of wealth and employment in its field of activity. This field network is also compatible with other initiatives developed by other institutions and organizations that contribute to creating the necessary breeding ground for the creation of a true entrepreneurial ecosystem.

The owner of this award Valladolid Room for the initiativeMediation in civil-commercial, business and public administration disputes”. In 2019, the Chamber of Valladolid is launching an innovative Mediation project in the field of disputes with Public Administrations, an initiative that has attracted the support and cooperation of the magistrates of Valladolid’s contentious administration and the General Council. In addition to the financial support of the Judicial Power, the Junta de Castilla y León and the Valladolid Provincial Council.

The winners in the Social Leadership category were: Canary Rooms for him”Kovid Aid to Canary Islands Firms Joint Management Project”. The Chambers of Gran Canaria, Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Lanzarote and La Graciosa and Fuerteventura have received a mandate from the Autonomous Government to manage the “Covid Hotline of direct assistance to the self-employed and companies”. The excellent work of the Canarian chambers of commerce has made it possible to streamline processes and provide companies with a basic, close and friendly tool that results in 100% implementation of these grants, well above the national average.

Composition of the jury

this jury The president of the Spanish Chamber, José Luis Bonet, presided; Inmaculada Riera, managing director of the Spanish Chamber of Commerce, as well as representatives of six companies that are part of the institution’s Executive Committee: José Juan Pérez Tabernero of Banco Santander; Angeles Santamaria of Iberdrola; José María Álvarez of Inditex; Trinidad Jimenez of Telefonica; Eva Piera of MAPFRE and José Luis González Besada of El Corte Inglés. Adolfo Díaz-Ambrona, general secretary of the Spanish Chamber, served as secretary of the jury. When evaluating the different initiatives, the Jury took into account, among other things, their qualitative results, the investment made, the number of beneficiary companies and the cooperation with other chambers and other organisations.

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