Brussels launches Ukraine’s EU accession train

The negotiation process will be long and complex and can take years or even decades, but European Commission confirmed its offer to Ukraine this Friday – also Moldova duration Georgia will need to meet some conditions first – candidate country status to the European Union. For now, a tag with little practical effect but full of symbolism came on the 114th day of Russia’s war in the country. starting suggestion, Ukraine’s EU accession trainsends a resounding message to Russian President Vladiir Putin: His sphere of influence is a thing of the past, and the door of the European club is wide open. this last word now they will have 27 EU heads of state and government.

Brussels’ advice to European leaders came after a public visit by the head of the Community Steering Committee to kyiv, the second since the start of the war. An orientation discussion between Ursula von der Leyen and the commissioners last Monday. “We want to support Ukraine on its way to Europe. We want to look to the future”, Von der Leyen replied on 17 June. ukraine president Volodymyr Zelensky He applied for entry on February 28, just four days after the start of the Russian invasion. It’s a request he’s reiterated in each of his numerous public interventions since then. At the summits of European leaders – three so far – before the plenary session of the European Parliament and before national parliaments.

“Show that the EU is with us and will not abandon us,” he pleaded at the request of the European Parliament on 1 March. Behind this strategy lies a message conveyed actively and passively at all European meetings by those who also attend their ministers: We fight for the freedom and survival of not only Ukraine, but the entire European Union. A message that managed to break some resistance among European leaders, who reached the summit this week with strong popular support from the three main powers of the European Union. Germany, France and ItalyIt was staged in Kiev during the visit of French President Emmanuel Macron, German Chancellor Olaf Scholz and Italian Prime Minister Mario Draghi to his Ukrainian counterpart Volodymyr Zelenski.

The Decision of the Twenty-Seven

“We want Ukraine to gain membership candidate status as soon as possible,” they said, accompanied by the Romanian president this Thursday, Klaus Ioannis. He will give the final word – unanimously – on granting the status. 27 EU Heads of State and Government Who will analyze the proposal? 23-24 June summit in Brussels. A debate that promises to be complex and split between those who favor immediate status like Poland or the three Baltic republics, and those who think it’s a process they’re not prepared for beyond a political decision. . . .

For example, this is the view of the Netherlands, which considers that the European perspective they promised Zelensky is a politically “solid” step, but that they are currently far from meeting the Copenhagen criteria, the requirements of any country. Those wishing to join the EU must comply in terms of established institutions, respect for the rule of law, a functioning market economy and ability to align with the acquis communautaire. Something that a country at war like Ukraine cannot guarantee.

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