Guterres: “Fossil fuels have no political or economic meaning”

United Nations Secretary-General António Guterres has once again scolded major economies for the risk posed by the spread of fossil fuels. “You are the largest economies and at the same time world’s largest emitters. Its first duty is to protect people. And nothing could be clearer than this danger of expansion of fossil fuelsSpeaking at the Great Economies Forum on Energy and Climate this Friday, Guterres said: “Fossil fuels even in the short term they don’t make any political or economic sense‘ he exclaimed.

The United Nations spokesman harshly criticized the pressure exerted by the gas, oil and coal industry on governments and economies. “Seems like, fossil fuel producers there is humanity from their necks,” Guterres argued. In that sense, the president put this pressure on ” same ugly tactics that large tobacco used decades agoIt’s the same with the tobacco industry, the fossil fuel lobby, and their financial accomplices. should not shy away from responsibility‘ he denounced.

“It seems that there is humanity at the throat of fossil fuel producers”

“For decades, the fossil fuel industry invested heavily in pseudoscience Y public relationsin a false sense to minimize its responsibility for climate change and undermine ambitious climate policies,” Guterres said during one of the main global energy conventions.

climate crisis and war

This year’s forum, how could it be otherwise, is marked by two main themes: energy crisis and raised inflation due to the current geopolitical context. Concerning this, Guterres argued that these issues cannot be an “excuse” to set aside climate action. “Both inflation and rising gasoline prices has to do with the fossil fuel crisis. Without bolder climate action, this and related issues are just the tip of a rapidly melting iceberg.”

“The calculations are simple. current model of endless growth inside world of limited resources will produce triple inflation, climate chaos and conflict“The solution is equally clear: We have endless resources at our disposal when it comes to energy needs. Wind, sun and tides never end,” Guterres added. energy transition towards renewable energies.

“The current growth model will deliver a triple blow in inflation, climate chaos and conflict”

The United Nations spokesperson suggested that a five-point plan for a global “energy revolution”. Strategy, renewable energies “global public interestfreelySpeeding up bureaucracy to expand and diversify supply chains, shift fossil subsidies to renewables, speed approval of these projects, and four trillion dollars year.

“The climate crisis is our number one emergency. Renewable energy is 21st century peace planGuterres concluded his speech.

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