The oldest case of Turner syndrome in history was detected 22:31

Scientists from the Francis Crick Institute have discovered the remains of the oldest ever case of the mosaic form of Shereshevsky-Turner syndrome. The person who suffered from this disease lived approximately 2.5 thousand years ago. The findings were presented in an article. magazine

Shereshevsky-Turner syndrome, or Turner syndrome for short, is a chromosomal disorder in which a girl loses her second X chromosome or part of it. The main symptoms of the syndrome are short stature, absence of ovaries (hypergonadotropic hypogonadism) and external abnormalities: pterygoid folds on the neck, scant hair growth on the nape, drooping upper eyelid, skin fold at the inner corner of the eye and ears turned forward. The disease is not inherited and is usually acquired during fetal development.

The discovery was made using a new computational method that involves counting copies of the X and Y chromosomes in ancient DNA samples. In total, the authors analyzed the remains of several ancient people. Scientists were able to detect aneuploidy (change in chromosome number) in six individuals, five of whom had deviations in the number of sex chromosomes.

Three people had Klinefelter syndrome, which is characterized by an extra copy of the X chromosome in males. The oldest case of Jacobs syndrome, or XYY syndrome, was also found in a man who lived about 1,200 years ago.

Previously in China discovered The oldest recorded part of the multiplication table.

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Source: Gazeta


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