Trans writer Camila Sosa in the Villa: “I’m surprised at the number of queers, lesbians and transvestites who support Milei”

It is important to appreciate the nuances that different traditions on both sides of the Atlantic bring to words. ‘Trans’, e.g. Argentinian and trans writer Camila Sosa in the Villa (41 years old) will never use the word literature despite his famous book ‘bad ones’ He gave the starting shot to the trend of making the phenomenon visible in literature. The novel won him major awards and saw him compete for the prestigious Dublin Literary Prize last year alongside Colm Toibin, Karl Ove Knausgard and Jonathan Franzen.

From his hometown of Córdoba, Argentina, Sosa Villada ‘claims the term’transvestite‘ He says it has other connotations. “We always said transvestite in Latin America, but in Europe the term trans was decided. I don’t know who did it. Maybe Paul B. Preciado? -jokes- [en realidad fue el médico germano-norteamericano Harry Benjamin en los años 40]. According to Sosa, the problem comes from even further away: “They ignore a terminology that has already established the whole world because transvestites also existed among the Mapuche, Incas and Mayans before the Spanish came, and we also exist now, regardless of whether we have transvestite breasts and vaginas. Also the word It is loaded with images such as night, poverty, clothes, customers, crime and rejection. Trance Sounds like a fake identity born from cabbage to me”.

Trap of emotions

The novel that follows ‘The Bad Ones’ is this ‘domestication thesis posted now tusketsIt tells the emotional trap that a famous actress who is determined to play the leading role in the new version of Jean Cocteau’s charismatic ‘The Voice of Man’ falls into. The transvestite actress has created a model family with her husband, a brilliant gay lawyer, and an adopted child who needs retrovirals. The trio forms a pattern worthy of color photography, until they finally perceive danger, tame. “A man’s luckiest moment is when he discovers the links of a chain that enslaves him and has the choice between remaining bound there or breaking them. That’s what the ‘Blade Runner’ knockoffs do, and that’s what I face as a gamer myself (Sosa is also a playwright and actor) when I realize that I, too, will be relegated to such a world. We may be guests but never heroes”.

The writer who confesses his fear of starting a family is quite allergic to traditional marriage. “My last partner broke up when he tried to introduce me to his cousins. I know I’m not being fair, but I’m not interested in a relationship that doesn’t involve an experience worth living and writing about,” she explains, adding that her most feared word is “suffocation”, fear of being chained and caged. A significant portion of the duties at the family cafe are also related to maintenance, Sosa noted. “The trap is to turn attention into an act of love, and that’s where women and drag queens will lose. One should not cost more than the other, when in reality these are a responsibility, a task that should be shared and equal. “It is very dangerous to emphasize love.”

Milei and psychopathic understanding

When asked how it affects The rise of the LGTBI collective Milei, Sosa smiles bitterly at this rise, which is perceived as ominous in Europe. “That’s right, it’s an ominous thing. People are afraid, old man, resident merchant and street vendor. There is psychopathic understanding About who will be affected next by a new measure. The worst thing that’s happening is inflation, and we’re all in it. It amazes me the number of queers, lesbians and transvestites who support Milei now. ¿Why does your world seem attractive and fair to you? I can’t understand this. I think there is an answer, but I won’t give it, I’ll leave that to the sociologists. “The only thing I can think of is that it’s time for everyone, cis and trans, to be naive and stupid.”

By the way, the author is a little embarrassed to say that this crazy Argentina caused him. The desire to write increases even more. If she is not the daughter of chaos, she does not plan to write: “I know very well what this is because I grew up in the 90s and this is a world that resembles me. The world of my childhood and adolescence is a world where everything is dangerous, where looting and violence are daily occurrences. I’ve been perceiving a different climate lately. Before I get noticed on the street, many people now see me as a danger again. I know what I’m saying is terrible, but it’s an encouragement to me as a writer. Who is interested in books by happy authors?

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