Couple from Valencia arrested for buying a six-year-old boy

National Police arrested perception Levante-EMV, a newspaper owned by the Prensa Ibérica group, and a couple from that municipality for allegedly purchasing a six-year-old boy, the son of a distant relative, as confirmed by these media, police sources. For now, the couple has been released despite being open to investigation and the court seeking facts.

She was the mother of a 25-year-old little girl, for whom her husband forced her to hand over her 6-year-old son to his family at a police station in central Madrid. she would take “financial compensation” The amount was not disclosed.

According to the sources cited, this complaint was made at the Madrid-Retiro police station on 6 June and led to the opening of some of them. errand agents began taking steps to try to find out where the child was based on data provided by the mother.

As a result of these investigations, agents of the Madrid police station learned that, in almost all probability, the boy had been living in some of their homes for about a month. distant relatives of the complainant’s husband, in Algemesi. And it would be the couple who were supposed to pay to take the child with them.

Therefore, agents of the Retiro police station, through the Valencia Superior Police Headquarters, requested the location and arrest of the minor. two potential buyers.

when the cops Family and Women’s Care Unit The couple was identified from the Alzira police station (UFAM), they were summoned and it was agreed that the minor’s voluntary surrender was agreed, now and taken to a specialist centre, while all the circumstances surrounding this case are being clarified. In the protection of minors under the Equality and Inclusive Policies Department.

Marriage, for her part, was detained at the police station, but after she testified to investigators, they left them in custody. freedom from accusations He stated that when they were summoned, they had to go to the competent court.

According to the aforementioned sources, the boy had been residing in Algemesi for a month. paternal relatives of those who are now arrested. Apparently, these sources indicate that Alzira police station agents confirmed that the boy showed “great love and affection” towards the couple, who refused to pay for the minor.

Source: Informacion


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