The buffalo killer wrote a letter before the murders: “I’m doing this for the future of the white race”

this 18-year-old white man who killed ten black people in a supermarket last May of the town buffalo new yorker He appeared in court for the first time this Thursday after being tried for 13 hate crimes and 13 other crimes for which he could be sentenced to death, local media reported.

At a brief preliminary hearing, Judge H. Kenneth Schroeder said that the defendant python gendronHe could choose a court-appointed lawyer, assuring him he didn’t have the money to pay for a togado.

According to his statement, Gendron has been unemployed for a year.According to the Daily News, $16 in capital deposited in a bank account and two shares of Disney entertainment company.

During the session, The magistrate gave thirty days to the prosecutor’s office to decide whether or not to apply. death penalty.

The Federal Prosecutor’s Office formally charged Gendron on Wednesday ten hate crimes resulting in death, three hate crimes resulting in large numbers of injuries, and another ten use of firearms for assassination purposes.

Many of these charges are subject to the death penalty at the federal level (New York state does not have the death penalty), but so far, Attorney General Merrick Garland has declined to specify whether the Government will do so. ask for this sorrow.

“There’s a process of debate and consideration about whether the death penalty is appropriate in an individual case, and it specifically involves the federal prosecutor’s discussion with families and survivors, and that’s all I can say at this point.” yesterday, the prosecutor commented

It was learned that the defendant wrote a note this Thursday. Before the attack that carried out the massacre, he called his family “for the future of the white race”according to court documents.

It’s a handwritten letter the police found in his bedroom.

Gendron is indicted on both the state and federal level for his crime.

In the letter, The young killer also apologizes to his family for the attack.

“The reason Gendron opened fire, prevent blacks from replacing whites and eliminating the white race, “The Federal Attorney’s Office said in a summary it submitted yesterday to the Federal Court for the Western District of New York.”

Agents also found in her room the receipt of a chocolate purchased on March 8 at the Tops supermarket, which the accused had visited at least three times before committing the massacre on May 14.

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