Ultra-fast delivery ‘app’ Gorillas initiates layoffs of 300 workers in Spain

Company Gorillas specializing in ultra fast delivery products at home to employees in Spain the beginning of a mass layoff that will affect the entire workforce. 300 workersAs confirmed by El Periódico company sources. Management sent emails to employees encouraging them to form negotiating committees to begin discussions about the employment regulation dossier (ERE). Signature of German origin, with ‘supermarkets ghost‘ located in the country’s main cities, he said, already at the end of May, a global restructuring was announced and he was investigating how to exit the Spanish market.

It took less than a year for the gorillas to arrive in Spain and start pulling their sails back.. In the era of ultra-fast investments, the digital platform evaluated the status of its accounts and decided to focus on the markets that gave it the highest return. And Spain is not one of them. The company is looking for a local partner to whom it will transfer its assets, and the workers are not part of the deal. According to sources the company consulted, “negotiations are ongoing” with a potential interested party, but the same sources refuse to share the name until the deal is closed. Gorillas in Spain so far own client portfolio and to advertise through its app and attract customers for lightning-fast supermarket deliveries, thanks to an agreement with Just Eat.

Gorillas exit the Spanish market so quickly workers did not have time to organize unions and the company currently lacks an interlocutor to negotiate the ere. Therefore, employees must form a ‘temporary’ commission with 13 representatives from different business centers before 29 June. Here CCOO and UGT provide consultancy support to workers. Executives of the company, such as Pedro Suárez de Lezo, the previous project manager, left the company after the global restructuring was announced.

Copies with Glovo

Gorillas’ withdrawal from the Spanish market would be inconceivable without the operation carried out by Delivery Hero last October. This home delivery giant entered as a shareholder of Gorillas eight months ago with an investment of 200 million euros. And the same Delivery Hero, two months later, Expanded involvement in Glovo with an aggressive share purchase which made him the majority shareholder of the yellow backpacks firm. Glovo and Gorillas are competitors in the Spanish market, as the company from Poblenou in Barcelona has a ‘grocery’ section, i.e. product deliveries via ghost supermarkets. Now, Delivery Hero eliminates duplication and, after approving both operations, decides to pull the Gorillas brand from the Spanish market to lay the groundwork for Glovo, whose only active competitor is Turkish Getir.

Sources from the workforce explain that the company has not provided any information to them and they have spent three weeks with a lot of uncertainty since the global restructuring was announced. “The surprise was to get an email from one day to the next and learn about ere”, they confirm. Gorillas has study centers in Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Valencia and Alicante. At this time the management did not transfer them What compensation will they give? and workers hope they will be planted because they work at least 20 days a year.

Source: Informacion


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