Hearing of Marta Calvo case | “I was with Arliene for an hour, it was the worst hour of my life, I will never forget it”

story roommate of first death of alleged murderer Martha Bald He had to take a break from the interrogation for a while because of the feelings and pain experienced by the witness while describing the events he had experienced. The young woman explained that after Jorge Ignacio PJ and Arliene (Elena, in commercials) entered the room, her friends began to worry when they saw this. time passed and they did not go out.

“When we see that the time is up, we knock on the door. When the clock passed, I went to the front door and saw that the front door was open.” “I found it very strange,” the witness admits. I started calling Elena, but she didn’t answer. When I went down the corridor, the corridor was very long. I knew there was something”.

Bitter then took over the young woman and the remaining tenants of the Cánovas flat. “I started walking down the hall. I knew something was up. It was not normal for him not to answer me. The door was ajar and everything was dark.” The witness, in tears, explains that he later decided to look inside. room and he knew what was going on. it happened: “I got in a little bit. He was lying, I thought I cut your throat”. “I didn’t dare go in. I started screaming and called his friend. I’m shaken” he emphasizes.

The first witness in the case against Marta Calvo’s death recounted this Thursday: “What did he do to you, what did he do to you… but he didn’t answer. I wanted to talk but I couldn’t”.

“Shaken to death in my arms”

After the discovery, Arliene’s roommates decided to notify the emergency room immediately, according to the statement. “My instincts were to get it down as quickly as possible, get in a taxi and not wait for the ambulance. In the courtyard, I realized that I was dead”. “We stopped in the courtyard and I went out into the street. I called a taxi and asked him for help. He told me no, he didn’t want any trouble. At that moment, the ambulance appeared, which the other girl was looking for, ”says the witness. “They took him and the place was filled with cops. I remember the last time he had a seizure, he was in my arms when I left the apartment.

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