Due to drought, truffle mushrooms reached record prices of up to 3 thousand euros per kilo.

black truffle seasontuber melanosporum is on its way to becoming history. Scarcity and exorbitant prices The price of black gold goes up to 3000 euros per kilo.

As Mediterranean from the Prensa Ibérica group reports, the industry’s forecasts were already negative at the beginning of the campaign in November, but the drought chronic non-ceasefireThey have made the interior of Castellón miserable and it doesn’t look like it will change until the closure in mid-March.

Search engines and vendors accept that: extreme lack of water This is the main factor in the absence of the valuable mushroom. Moreover, this situation affects both wild and plantation species.

Truffle expert Diego Pitarch, who manages the plantations and runs the l’Arc butcher shop in Morella, where truffles are also sold, said “the land intended for cultivation make much less than expectedSpecifically, we are at this stage: 30 percent of our production achieved in a normal year”.

The situation for wild truffles is even worse, as Morella researcher José Luis Grau points out: “I’ve been out for three days and haven’t seen anything. What little might have been there was destroyed by wild boars.. “The season depends entirely on truffle planting.”

“Very dry” mountain

Sergi Borràs from Cinctorres shares the opinions of other fans: “The mountain is very dry. The last day I went out, I couldn’t even stick a machete into the ground. “There are almost no wild ones due to drought.”

Considering this situation, the fear in the industry is that the season will end much earlier than expected. “We haven’t finished the year yet and production is very low. Without water, It is very difficult for us to extend There will be many more in the coming months,” says truffle expert Javier Segura.

“Prices have hit the ceiling”

Pitarch announced this week that prices per kilo of super extra truffle varieties at retail have reached 3,000 euros. At its establishment in the capital Els Ports, these amounts were not reached “out of respect for the customer”. you chose second category products, retail price 1,500 euros per kilo.

“Prices are going through the roof. These are the Christmas weeks and there is a lot of demand from the hospitality industry,” says Pitarch. In this context, Segura adds, “especially during holiday periods, the difference between the wholesale and retail markets becomes clear, but prices explode due to scarcity.” The industry offers wholesale truffles, whose values ​​fluctuate, for sale Between 900 and 1,000 euros.

Source: Informacion


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