Oncologist talked about cancer symptoms that can be noticed while eating Oncologist Keith: Stomach cancer can manifest itself with unusual sensations while eating 17:34

In the early stages, stomach cancer can occur with almost no symptoms, but the feeling of retaining food, nausea or rapid satiety should alert you: ignoring them can worsen the prognosis of the disease. About this portal “Doctor Peter” said oncologist, Doctor of Medical Sciences Oleg Kit.

Stomach cancer may not show any symptoms in the early stages, so it is often diagnosed when treatment is difficult. Additionally, many patients do not pay attention to cancer symptoms. These include, for example, rapid satiety and the feeling that the food is stuck somewhere above. This, along with severe nausea and vomiting, requires an urgent visit to the doctor. The oncologist noted that these symptoms may not be related to cancer but to another gastrointestinal pathology. However, the most dangerous options must be eliminated first.

FGDS screening can detect stomach cancer at an early stage. It is performed starting from the age of 45 and people over the age of 60 must have this procedure done every year. If a close relative of the patient has been diagnosed with stomach cancer, regular FGDS can be performed until the age of 45.

The portal also listed risk factors for stomach cancer: bacterial infection Helicobacter pylorioverweight and low mobility, insufficient consumption of fresh vegetables and fruits, second A (II) blood group and high nitrate intake from foods, for example, smoked products.

Previous scientists I learnedIt turns out that eating carrots can reduce the risk of cancer by 30 percent.

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