First ‘low-cost’ bird arrives in Murcia: “Now is the time”

“It’s time,” says Ana María. He is from Madrid Usually goes down a bit to Murcia. “I’ve always had transfers and It took some effort“, underlines this traveler who, suitcase in hand, is about to take the ‘low-cost’ AVE to Madrid.

This Sunday morning came first low cost AVE Murcia: ‘Avlo’. Families, young people, elderly, carmen station The paths of the newcomers and those who left crossed.

buriedThe long, purple train arrived just before 10 a.m. Paula, who is in a hurry, says she feels a little uncomfortable: “they won cash“. To the ticket, the price of which is between 7 and 9 euros, we must add: a suitcase accessory. “They billed me,” he criticized.

Carmen’s experience “Very good“. She assures that she does not see any difference with the one on the road, that it is a normal bird. She is traveling with her friend Juana, and when the duo go to buy tickets, they explain that they paid 9 euros for the ticket. There were no more than 7 euros left, they add that the additional fee for the suitcase could goand 10 to 30 euros approximately, but that’s okay with them. “It’s worth it,” they say.

So calm, fast and so I went Madrid I noticed the difference on the bus“says Paloma. She chose the train for the first time and appreciated that it was a very comfortable experience. Marina and Jorge travel as a family. They considered going by car, but the train was the best option. Arturo and María also chose the train to go to Madrid because it is easier to enter the capital by car They say it’s complicated.

Source: Informacion


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