Veterinarians and geneticists reveal what dogs will be like in 10,000 years

HE dog comes from the wolf. At least, that’s what mainstream research claims; wild wolves.

It is not very clear when and where these wild wolves came from. There is research to suggest that the process is ongoing. domestication of dogs started before more than 15,000 years and not in this way, but as a result of it wolves In ancient times, when their fear of men began to disappear, they began to approach human settlements. So it’s not really the man who tames the dog, relationship It arose naturally between the two and grew stronger over time.

Other studies suggest that the first animal domesticated by humans was Southeast Asian wild wolfand this occurred 33,000 years ago.

Dog of the year 12,000

Taking these data into consideration; scientists and geneticists They analyzed what dogs might be like 10,000 years from now. Basepaws, a California company that analyzes pet genes Try to discover how our pets – especially dogs and cats – will adapt to the changes expected over the next millennium to improve their health and provide them with personalized food and medical treatments. They also benefited from this artificial intelligence To show what these changes will look like.

This is how dogs will evolve in the future sole claws

In principle, both dogs and other pets and other animals must evolve. adapting to the environmentthat is, they must develop characteristics that will enable them to survive in certain environments. extreme climate changes or to the colonization of new habitats.

Because of these adaptations, dogs’ body shape and structure can evolve to adapt to different environmental conditions, such as changes in gravity, temperature, or atmospheric pressure. Food sources can also change, leading to adaptations in the diet and consequently in the dogs’ physiology.

Global warming or ice age

To be more specific and in accordance with the predictions of the famous American veterinarian Ernie Wardthey take a look two polarized scenarios. In one case, we are faced with the effect of global warming and extreme temperature increase. At the other extreme is a return to a new Ice Age.

In the first scenario, where high temperatures prevail, we will witness transformations not only in the morphology of living things but also in the way people care for and feed animals.

According to the statements compiled by the ‘Interesting Engineering’ media, Ward argues that resource scarcity during this period will lead to a crisis. decreased muscle mass in dogs. Adapting to smaller bodies will allow these animals to meet their needs. eat lessIt consumes less energy and facilitates cooling.

skin protection

Ward said the reduction in skin surface area helps dogs protect against increased ultraviolet radiation and, in some cases, dark tones in your skin.

This speculative future not only leads to physiological changes in animals, but also predicts significant adjustments in the interaction between humans and their canine companions.

Scarcity of resources will act as a catalyst for surprising adaptation, leading to unexpected transformations in dogs’ biology and behavior.

In this hypothetical scenario, coexistence between nature and species would be shaped by the complexity of an ever-changing environment. to changeIt invites us to think about the possibilities and challenges that may await in the distant future.

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