Today we present you an indispensable house trick for those who want to make their kitchen a clean and efficient space. Clean the refrigerator inside and deep This is an often overlooked task and could be the key to keeping your device in top shape and saving money on your bills. Let me see you!

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Why is it so important to clean the inside of the refrigerator?

We all know that the refrigerator is the heart of our kitchen. It preserves, refreshes and preserves our food. But did you know that inadequate maintenance can cost you a lot? And we’re not just talking about money, we’re also talking about energy efficiency and food health. Clean the refrigerator regularly and ensure a longer lifespan.

What you need to know about cleaning the inside of the refrigerator

Beyond basic hygiene, Cleaning your refrigerator properly can affect your electricity bill. A refrigerator with a temperature between 3 and 4 degrees works best. If you decide to cool the air, be prepared to see an increase in your bill. So, next time you think of cleaning the refrigerator, remember that you are also saving your pocket.

The biggest thing forgotten when cleaning the inside of the refrigerator: accumulated water

one of the big ones Secrets in the sewer when cleaning the refrigerator. Have you noticed the water in the vegetable drawer? This is a sign that it is time to thoroughly clean the refrigerator. This water accumulates due to clogged pipes, which most people are unaware of.

How to clean the inside of the refrigerator: step by step

  1. disconnection: Before you start cleaning the refrigerator, disconnect the power supply. This recommendation comes directly from the Organization of Consumers and Users (OCU).
  2. Empty and organize: Remove all food and shelves. This is your opportunity to throw out and rearrange things that no longer serve.
  3. deep cleaning: Perform a thorough cleaning every two to three weeks. Use soap and water to scrub every corner.
  4. HE cleaning number from the drain: When cleaning the refrigerator, pay attention to the small hole at the bottom, that is, the drain. If it is clogged, use a wire to unclog it. Don’t you have one? Some refrigerators have their own pistons. And if it is still dirty, warm water with detergent will be your best ally.

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Homework clean The refrigerator goes beyond aesthetics and hygiene. It is necessary for the proper functioning of the device and your home economy. So next time you think about household chores, remember that cleaning the refrigerator should be on your priority list. Until the next part of home hacks!