Russia suspected of keeping US Abrams tanks away from the front line 09:14

Although American-made Abrams tanks were delivered to Ukrainian troops, they are still not on the front lines in the special operations zone. In our conversation with the following person on this subject: “” stated military expert Vasily Dandykin, captain of the first rank of the reserve.

Perhaps the US is keeping tanks away from the front line to maintain the prestige of its military-industrial complex (MIC) and continue supplying equipment to Western countries, the expert noted.

“European technology is on fire. This means that Americans will receive carte blanche to supply their equipment to Europe and other countries. “And there are tens of billions of dollars of profit,” he said.

Dandykin emphasized that the United States is the beneficiary.

“Abrams still hasn’t gone to war. They hide them somewhere. “The Europeans are burning and this is a very important moment,” said the captain.

Previously Forbes reported that American M-1 Abrams tanks in Ukraine take risks It fails because they have to clean their delicate engine filters, which consume a lot of fuel, every 12 hours.

Formerly war correspondent Boris Rozhin statedHe said that the first American Abrams tank was seen near Kupyansk.

Source: Gazeta


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