Ukraine condemns IOC’s decision to allow Russian athletes to compete in Paris games

HE Ukrainian sports world He strongly condemned the decision of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) to allow Russians and Belarusians to participate in the Paris Olympic Games. neutral flag unless they support “actively” infestation. “We are disappointed with the decision,” he told Efe. Sergi Stakhovskyformer professional tennis player and participant in the 2012 Olympic Games.

Stajovsky said it was unfair for rivals to be considered under the “neutral” flag when Ukraine was under attack. Olympic Games These have to do with fair play. “So what kind of fair play can we talk about if our athletes can’t return home for two years and have to worry about who they might kill or the families they’ve already killed?” he asks. rhetorically.

Like many other Ukrainian athletes, Stakhovsky has been fighting in the ranks of his country’s defense forces since the beginning of the occupation. while witness of destruction Even though he brought it to Ukraine, he did not receive a single word of support. Russian or Belarusian tennis players. According to the Ukrainian Ministry of Sports, 397 athletes and coaches There have been deaths and more than 500 stadiums or training centers damaged since the beginning of the occupation.

“This is not just about the Olympic Games. It is possible that the next generation of athletes will not be able to appear in Ukraine,” Stajovsky said. he complained.

Decision that encourages Russia

Stajovsky is one of many Ukrainian sports representatives who expressed disappointment with the decision. Deputy Minister of Sports, Matvi Bidnyihe called it “irresponsible” and emphasized that there was no room for “neutrality” in the face of “the bloodiest war” in Europe since World War II, in which one nation sought to destroy another.

“Russia is the only country that has violated the Olympic truce three times,” he said in a statement released Friday.

HE Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine He thought the decision was “wrong” and stressed in a note that he had informed the IOC and international partners of its risks. The Foreign Minister stated that there is no doubt that the Kremlin will use every Russian and Belarusian athlete as a weapon in its war propaganda, Dimitro Kulebaaccording to the description.

The ministry also warns that some athletes who are scheduled to be allowed to compete are not just sympathetic to the sport. woman’s murder And ukrainian childrenHowever, since they have connections to the armed forces, they are probably directly involved. In this way, IOC board members are responsible for promoting. Russia already Belarus The statement concluded that it would continue its aggression against Ukraine.

Ukrainian representatives have not yet announced whether their country will participate in the Olympic Games. calls for boycott. “We will make our decision later, after consulting with the Ukrainian sports community and the country’s top political officials,” Bidnyi said.

Rules must be established to determine whether a “neutral” athlete is involved in Russia’s aggression against Ukraine. obviousaccording to this Olga SaladujaDeputy president of the Ukrainian athletics federation. “Ukrainians need to participate in this procedure,” he stressed.

Warning that the international stage should not be handed over to Russian and Belarusian representatives, Stajovsky says, “Our athletes should participate in the Olympic Games.” Ukrainian athletes They should be prepared to know to do in case they face “neutral” Russians and Belarusians, he said.

Stajovsky touched on the incident Olga JarlanThe Olympic gold medalist in fencing was disqualified from this year’s World Championships after refusing to shake the hand of her Russian opponent. “Every sports federation has a careful study “We will evaluate every scenario,” he said.

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